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About Us

This credit union was formed in 1933 by seven individuals who decided the Municipal Employees of Beloit needed a credit union. The people placed on the Board of Directors were: William Paul Stone, John Boynton, Albert Haase, Myrtle Petitt and Ferdinand Boltz.

The treasurer was a fireman, so the credit union operated out of a cigar box kept in his locker at the fire station. When the treasurer would change, the credit union cigar box would be moved to the new treasurerís location.

In 1965 the credit union was moved out of the fire station and into an office in the Goodwin building. By 1967, with assets of $500,000.00, the credit union was ready to hire its first employee, Betty Hoadley. 

Betty was employed by Municipal Credit Union for forty-seven years, retiring as president in 2001 and remained as a board member of the credit union until her death in July of 2013. We appreciate her years of service and dedication to the credit union and its members.

While located in the Goodwin building, the credit union experienced water damage from a fire. The money had to be hung up on clothes lines to dry. After the fire, the credit union moved to a location on Bluff Street. In 1978 the Board of Directors decided the time had come to build a permanent home for the credit union, and so 1979 was the year we moved into our current location. The planning of this building was done by: Robert Lynch, Thorald Fawcett, Virgil Waelti, Beth Bains, Wayne Showers, Robert Schendel, Bill Holmberg, David Smith and Ralph Marks.

Many years have gone by, and a lot of changes have occurred, and the credit union has continued to grow. Today, our assets are more than $15,000,000.00.

The credit union has a great group of people who volunteer their time and talents to help make sure we are on the right path and continue to serve our members in a manner that reflects our dedication to quality products and services. They are:

Board members:

 Paul Bauer, Chairman of the Board

 Wayne Endthoff, Vice Chairman

 Vince Sciame, Treasurer

 Shirley Fischer

 Shaun Eberdt, Secretary

 Mark Maxted

 Greg McQueary

Supervisory Committee members:

 Nancy Schroer, Chairman of Supervisory Committee

 Karen Starling

 John Butchart

 Karen Thorson

 Lillian Grady Morrow

 Wayne Endthoff

 Mark Maxted

Credit Union Staff

The credit union is staffed by a group of people who truly represent our dedication to quality in service and caring for our members. They are:

 Sue Carpenter,  President-Email:  Susan Carpenter

 Dustin Gronau, Operations Manager- Email: Dustin Gronau

 Sue Rockman, Loan Processer-  Email: Susan Rockman

 Candy Hoefer, Full time Teller- Email: Candy Hoefer

 Cortney Cox, Part-time Teller

 Shari Timmcke, Part-time Teller

 Brielle Thompson, Part-Time Teller

 Brevin Buggs-Part-Time Teller

Our phone number is 608-362-6172. The fax number is 608-362-8106. Email address is  

Mission Statement

The mission of Municipal Credit Union is to be a full service financial organization providing its members with the highest level of services. This is accomplished by acting as a financial resource and ensuring quality service by anticipating the needs of our members and by developing services according to their needs.


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