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We pride ourselves on being your full service financial partner.  We offer a complete line of deposit and lending products as well as convenient member services.  With questions or to begin any service, please contact the credit union.

Please see the Fee Schedule for the fees applicable to all accounts. Website updated 11/15/13.

Share Accounts- A standard savings account to help you plan for a rainy day.   This account is necessary for credit union membership.

Second savings- An account you can use  to save for vacations or taxes. 

                                                Please see Regulation D regarding your share accounts.

Term Share Certificates-We offer certificates for varying terms from 6 to 12 or 24 months.  Earn higher dividends, but there is a penalty for early withdrawals.

Share Draft Accounts - These accounts work just like checking accounts.  

Preferred Money Funds - Higher interest checking account limited to 3 checks per month and a total of 6 withdrawals or transfers per month

Individual Retirement Accounts-Save money for your retirement in these tax-advantaged or tax-deferred accounts.  Contact us for complete details.

Order new checks   In order to make all your banking needs as easy as possible Municipal Credit Union offers the convenience of ordering checks online.


Holiday Club AccountsHoliday Club Account

Does the room start spinning when your first credit card bill arrives from your holiday spending spree? It's at moments like these that many people make an earnest New Year's resolution that next year will be largely credit-card free.

Well, say hello to a solution -- the Holiday Club Account. It is the modern embodiment of the  old simple notion to "Pay yourself now, Pay your bills later." 

Just setup your account, then put aside a little bit of money on a regular basis. It adds up during the year and you get that money in a lump sum in October -- just in time for the holidays! You can even fund it via direct deposit with money deducted from your paycheck starting now, and over the next year you won't miss what you never had.

Contact Us to open your Holiday Club Account today!

Municipal Credit Union considers your account information to be highly confidential.

Please see our Privacy Notice for more information.


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